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Copenhagen Art Nordic 2022

Hello everyone!

I haven't posted anything from Copenhagen yet on my website, therefore I decided to sum up the entire experience and write an honest review.

Art Nordic is an art festival which takes place every year in Copenhagen. It is the largest festival in Scandinavia and hundreds of artists get a chance to showcase their artworks and sell them.

This year I applied and got accepted for Art Nordic. I brought my graphics with me by plane (avoiding additional fees) and attached them to the walls using putty. This saved me loads of money, since there were other artists with extremely lavish and large artworks, framed and attached using hooks.

Tivoli Gardens. Ticket entry cost: 175 kroner per person.

The expo lasted three days, during which I met a lot of talented artists, made friends and managed to sell 11 graphics. In the meantime, my husband was exhibiting my works at the art fair in Koneser, Warsaw, and also sold 11 graphics. In total, we sold 22!

The local people really enjoyed my artworks and praised me for my technique and use of Slavic mythology. Many of them saw a resemblance in Scandinavian mythology and we had great discussions about the similarities and differences.

Altogether, it was a wonderful experience, however only a small percentage of the artists were as lucky as I was.

Many artists travelled from Spain or Portugal by car, with their large paintings, and didn't sell a thing.

I've learnt from my previous experiences at art fairs that it's never worth spending a lot of money into the overall presentation/booth and it's better to bring smaller and cheaper artworks. They're easier to sell and therefore it's easier for the artist to gain a profit.

It's also important to use local means of transactions: many people in Denmark use Mobile Pay, which is an easy way of paying for goods. It's not really available to foreigners, but you can bring a terminal with you or invest in Square (there are many other ways of retail). Cash is also good, but remember not to do transactions via the art fair, they take up to 500 kroner per transaction minimum.

Overall, I'm glad that I travelled to Copenhagen and am planning to return there next year with more graphics.


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