Metamorphosis was an exhibition that took place in October 2017 at the Gallery SD Szucha 8, Warsaw. 3 artists: Basha Maryanska, Kathryn Hart and Kamila Wojciechowicz (me) organized the show with the help of Joanna Ostrowidzka, gallery curator.

Art Park 2017

Art Park 10th edition, taking place at the Park Rydza Śmigłego in Warsaw, in July 2017 for an entire month. The festival consisted of many artists, performers, dancers and singers performing for the general public.

Art Next Expo

Taking place in Hong Kong every 2 year, the Art Next Expo is a festival one cannot miss out! This year, it took place at the PMQ Building in Central Hong Kong. There were thousands of visitors during the 4 days of the festival and many artists managed to sell their works.

Open Zabkowska

Otwarta Ząbkowska - the Warsaw festival taking place in Praga every year, organized by the theatre, Teatr Powszechny, alongside other insitutions of culture. Especially worth visiting during the summertime, when artists display their works outdoors and concerts take place.