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Photo Report from NOFILTER Dubai Expo

Hello, there!

It appears that I haven't posted any photos from Dubai. So I decided to change that :) Hope you'll like them! In October 2021 I participated in the #NOFILTER DXB Expo known previously as the Dubai Motor Expo. They decided to add art and skateparks to the festival, which resulted in utter chaos. I don't regret travelling there, but I wish that they have isolated the cars from the art space instead of intermingling everything. This resulted in clients being confused as to what the expo is about, and most of them came to see the cars instead of talk to the exhibiting galleries and artists.

I'll be quite frank and give a warning to all artists, who would like to participate in #NOFILTERDXB Expo this year: DON'T DO IT. It costs a ton of money, and you probably won't sell a thing, because Emiratis are quite cautious when it comes to investing in foreign, aspiring artists. 99 % of all galleries and artists LOST money as a result of participation and the exposure isn't worth it.

If you're interested in exhibiting in Dubai, better try WAD: it's fully dedicated to art, all the clients are specifically looking for new investments and it takes places indoors, which means A/C! We were forced to sit for hours OUTSIDE in the HOT climate, and were risking HEAT STROKE.

To end on a pleasant note, I just wanted to add that I've never been to Dubai before and therefore I'm glad that I travelled there, but it did cost me a lot of money. Dubai is one of the most expensive cities in the world, but it is also beautiful, has great infrastructure, A/C in all the stations, plus people there are very friendly and it's very safe. Hope you'll like my photos and if you have any questions on how to exhibiti in Dubai, please write to me an email:



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