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Barcelona travel blog

Dear All,

I have been recently to Barcelona, Spain. It was the first time this year that I actually went for a vacation.

I visited many amazing places, such as Park Guel, La Sagrada Famiglia, the Museum of Catalunyan Art, to name a few. I also managed to create quite a few sketches during my trip.

Many of the sketches were drawn either when I was sipping sangria, or simply resting after intense sightseeing.

I enjoyed the process thoroughly, it allowed me to relax and focus more on the present.

The Lizard at Park Guel

La Sagrada Famiglia

Sketching three musicians performing in front of the Cathedral.

Sketching at the wine bar in Ribera in my new, Picasso sketchbook.

Sketching at the ramen place.

Sketching inspired by the visit to the Picasso Museum.


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