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Your Evening Glass of Art is ready!

Dear All,

I'd like to invite you to watch our video we created two weeks ago, Your Evening Glass of Art! I was in Athens back then, behind me was the Acropolis (a bit in the distance).

Photo: by Grazyna Wojciechowicz

Katarina Chyrva and I discussed the art marketing and the newest trends in art sales. We spoke about different types of clients, art investments, and the best selling living Polish artist, #EwaJuszkiewicz 

-What do you think of the present art market?

-What is your opinion on Ewa Juszkiewicz's success story?

-Are art sales better than ever or plummetting?

-Why are clients purchasing licences for conceptual art installations, like the banana attached with ductape?

We try to answer these questions during our "talk show" ;)

This weekend we're planning on recording the next video, so please stay tuned! :D

Link to our video:

Photo by: Kamila Wojciechowicz-Krauze



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