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Your Evening Glass of Art!

Dear All,

I'd like to introduce to you our latest video from Your Evening Glass of Art!  

This time we’re talking about Art Expos. Are they really worth participating in?

The video is divided into cohesive parts:

  1. First we explain the types of expos.

  2. Then how to apply?

  3. What are the costs of participation?

  4. What are additional costs?

  5. How to prepare for the target audience and how to tell if an expo is worth participating in?

  6. Any additional information on local money applications, such as Kakao Pay in South Korea etc.

Both Katia and I have participated in a number of global art expos, so we are competent when it comes to giving advice on them, and if you you know someone who would benefit from this information, please share them this video.

Thank you!  


Kacper Krauze
Kacper Krauze
7 days ago


Kama Arts
Kama Arts
7 days ago
Replying to

Thank you very much ! 🤩

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