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Happy New Year 2022!!

Dear All,

This year was exceptional for me. I managed to participate in over 28 exhibitions, galas, auctions, expos and fairs this year.

I travelled to Fuerteventura for holidays & inspiration and went to Dubai to exhibit at the #NoFilterExpo and managed to meet a lot of new business contacts, including the Gallery ArtSmiley, which I became a part of already.

Speaking of galleries, I've joined Galeria Art, Galeria ML, Galeria Art of Poland, Galeria Bluszcz, ArtSmiley and hopefully will be joining Gallery of Young Polish Art Also, I have managed to sell a multitude of graphics, paintings, and 6 mannequins this year. The value of my mannequins has increased over 4 times compared to 2020, which is amazing! and it keeps increasing.

I'm extremely grateful for the opportunity of exhibiting my mannequins at the #WarsawArtFair also known #WarszawskieTargiSztuki which is the most prestigious expo in Poland.

Overall, despite the pandemic, this year was very fruitful and hopefully next year will be just as good, if not better! Many thanks to all the fabulous people I have met this year and many thanks for all the support I have received so far.



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