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New Graphic Finished!

My new graphic has been coloured and finished. The title of the graphic is Utopce. It's based on Slavic mythology. Utopce were the spirits of drowned victims, who would lure & drown other people. This artwork has a completely new approach towards the Slavic Bestiary series, I have added more colours. At first I was afraid to show it to more people, but I decided to publish it anyway. Below you can see the art process.

It started with a few sketches.

Then, I started working on the big drawing.

And eventually, I scanned the drawing and started adding colours in Photoshop.

Those are a few closeups, so that you can see more details.

I hope you like my new graphic, it’s a real breakthrough for me to do this in colours, hopefully this series will continue on developing further. Thank you! :)

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