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I have created hundreds of illustrations since my first commission, "The Adventures of Anatol F." in 2009. Those are descriptions about 3 of my most important projects.


"The Wind in the Willows"

Publisher: Beijing Double Spiral Culture & Exchange Company Ltd.

"The Adventures of Moz, the Tube Mouse"

This project was meant to be my MA from Illustration at Camberwell College of Kama Arts. At present, I'm still considering different styles for my main character.It is meant to be a children's book, the protagonist is a London Tube mouse, that lives between the stations Elephant& Castle and Lambeth North, on the Bakerloo Line. She has spent her entire life underground. One day, she decides to go off on a journey, meets new friends and has numerous adventures exploring London and talking to famous illustrators about their artwork.

"The Adventures of Anatol F."

Who is Anatol F.? Some say, he is an ineffective intellectual, who has failed both in the communist state and in democracy. Others regard him as a dreamer, or philosopher, who isn't capable of fighting for his dreams, neither anarchist nor socialist. Perhaps he is a reflection of the Polish society? The book "The Adventures of Anatol F." has been published in 2009, by Kooperatywa Pozarządowa.

"The Adventures of Agapit the Cat"

Agapit is a character from the series of short stories "Diary of a Feline Outlaw", written by Tomasz Solarewicz and published by the monthly magazine "Kocie Sprawy". Agapit is the essence of feline nature- selfish, vain and extremely independent. A triple divorcee, he knows the way of life, and decides to write his own journal, where he describes his numerous adventures.

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