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Concept art for a Mural

Dear Friends and Fans, I wanted to hear your feedback regarding an artistic project I’ll be doing for the foundation Galeria Przechodnia. I’ll be painting a large mural. The idea is to create a mural inspired by the the year 2019: Year of Leonardo da Vinci and Year of Stanisław Ignacy Witkiewicz "Witkacy". I did first draft projects inspired by both artists, one depicts a psychedelic chameleon on acid with mushrooms 🍄 , the other is a modern take on the Lady with the Ermin: instead she has a pet rhino 🦏 and she is wearing an aviator hat, my trademark 😁 Which project do you like the best? Please let me know in the comments!! Tribute Leonardo da Vinci (Lady with the Rhinoceros in an Aviat

World Illustration Awards

Hello, Friends and Fans! I have decided once more to participate in the World Illustration Awards organized by the Association of Illustrators. I don't expect anything, but I thought that this year instead of applying for Self Created Category I'll go straight to Commissioned Site Specific, which includes...murals 🙂 This is what I uploaded, enjoy 🙂 Here's a link to the video of the rhinoceros on Instagram:…

B.O.A.R. on Wiejska St.

Today I had the pleasure of cooperating with the director of the Foundation Galeria Przechodnia, Tomasz Podsiadło, on an artistic performance devoted to the boar population in Poland. Many thanks to Tomek for allowing me to create my street art on the foundation's premises, and for helping me in this task. I won't write much about the wild boar population in Poland, since there are many different opinions on this matter, and my goal was to express this situation via imagery. Those, who are interested in seeing the stencil boars in person, please feel free to admire them on 2 Wiejska St. next to the entrance to the parliament's office. Sincerely, Kama Dziś miałam okazję współpracować z założy

Art review from the exhibition "Small is Great!"

Review featured on the Gallery&Studio Arts Journal Website Grandeur in Small Sizes. In a well-known parable, many of us understand that the tiny mustard seed grows to spiritual greatness. From this aphorism, we learn majesty can arise from the smallest object. So too, in the works recently seen in “Small is Great” at Jadite Gallery on Tenth Avenue in New York City, 23 artists demonstrate their talents in an inspired outing, with pieces, that although diminutive in size, convey a boundless creativity and beauty. Curated by Basha Maryanska, who also participates in the exhibit, the gallery is filled with paintings, photographs, collages, prints and fiber creations expertly realiz

Art Fresh Festival: Applied

I applied for the Art Fresh Festival! Please, keep your fingers crossed for me being selected to the festival :) Below you’ll find a selection of the graphics chosen for the selection process. Paradise Setting 1, 2015. Paradise Setting 2, 2015. Nauki, 2018. Utopce, 2019. Cicha, 2016. Blueberry Baba , 2016. Basilisk, 2015. The Salamander, 2015.

New Graphic Finished!

My new graphic has been coloured and finished. The title of the graphic is Utopce. It's based on Slavic mythology. Utopce were the spirits of drowned victims, who would lure & drown other people. This artwork has a completely new approach towards the Slavic Bestiary series, I have added more colours. At first I was afraid to show it to more people, but I decided to publish it anyway. Below you can see the art process. It started with a few sketches. Then, I started working on the big drawing. And eventually, I scanned the drawing and started adding colours in Photoshop. Those are a few closeups, so that you can see more details. I hope you like my new graphic, it’s a real breakthrough for me

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