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Commissioned artworks

Dear Kama Arts friends, I wanted to inform you that I'm accepting commissions and working as an illustrator. Currently, I'm designing a menu for Radio Cafe in Warsaw. Please write to me if you'd like to have work done, such as designing caralogs, postcards, menus, book covers, illustrations or want me to create a Xmas present for your friends etc. I'm opened for business with both companies and individual clients. Here are photos of my works in progress, for the restaurant Radio Cafe. Let me know in the comments section what do you think of my works and whether you know anyone, who might be interested in commissioning art for Xmas? :) :)

Artworks transported to Galeria Bator

Dear Kama Arts fans, Last Sunday, I have partnered up with the well known gallery in Szczyrk, Bator Gallery. The gallery is well known for cooperating for years with the famous artist Duda - Gracz. It has existed for 40 years, and I am honored to exhibit my works there :D My "Slavic Bestiary" and my "Galaxy" series and the "Hudson Shore" paintings are available to purchase at the gallery.

The Chinese Dragon in Olkusz

Hello, Kama Arts fans! Yesterday, I have transported one of my shadowboxes, Zodiac IX (Dragon, Tortoise and Phoenix) to the Cultural Center in Olkusz. My art piece has been qualified to the second edition of the Collage. Assemblage contest. The journey took 9 hours in both directions by car. I hope it was worth it, and that perhaps I'll receive some form of distinction. Anyway, what will be - will be. One needs to remain optimistic.

Symmetry and Beauty

Good morning, folks! I decided to make some experiments with symmetry. Apparently, humans are attracted to people and works of art, which are more symmetrical. I was wondering whether it is true and created a series of mirrored halves of faces and those are the results. Please let me know of your own thoughts in the comments section. Cheers!

Looking for Inspiration

Today I went cycling to the Kabacki Forest, which is where I search for inspiration. The forest is changing in terms of colour palette in late October. The pond at the Kabacki Forest. Beautiful, blue sky.

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