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We've Reached a new Goal! Over 6000 $ for fundraiser "Mara and the Bad Wolf".

Great news!!! The fundraiser, "Mara and the Bad Wolf" has reached over 6000 $!! I designed a QR code with Mara the fox, so that others may quickly access the fundraiser's website and check updates or donate money. Below you'll find some new illustrations and sketches from the book. ;) Also, my illustration from the book "Mara and the Bad Wolf" by Ké Kampeas-Rittenhouse will be exhibited in NYC, 17-26th of April,

Address: ARTBOX EXPO New York

345 Broome St

NYC 10013

This is the QR code I've mentioned, you can check out the fundraiser's website from her and donate money.

P.S. Once you donate 50 $ or more, you'll get a copy of the book, once it's published ;)

And here are some of the illustrations I haven't published yet, so that it's clear that the book is taking shape. I've created so far 13/23 illustrations.


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