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Live painting Nefertiti

Hello there! Here are some photos depiciting the artistic process of painting my newest mannequin, Nefertiti.

Live painting at the Gallery Art of Poland, Day !:

Painting, Day 2:

Day 3.

I also added a crown, called a pschent, the combination of Lower and Upper Egypt crowns, onto my mannequin, Amnehotep III. I used EVA foam, hot glue, paper, Modge Podge and lots of paint and buttons plus glitter and acrylic markers to produce the pschent. It was a painstaking process which took 3 days to complete, I burned my hands with hot glue multiple times. But I'm happy with the overall effect.

I also decided to help my friend Katia by decorating the mannequins with her lovely, silk shawls. It worked, one of them got sold ;)

Day 11

I made her a crown using EVA foam, hot glue and loads of buttons plus acrylic paint and crystals.

Afterwards, I decided to take her to my atelier and finish Nefertiti there.

I also painted her back, and added a depiction of Hathor, Egyptian goddess of beauty. Plus two kartouches, one on the left with Hathor's name in hieroglyphs, the right one with Nefertiti's name. "K.W." stands for Kamila Wojciechowicz, my maiden name.

After finishing Nefertiti, I brought her back to the gallery, where she stands amongst four other mannequins.


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