Interview in Businesswoman & Life magazine

Dear All,

I'm pleased to announced that the latest issue of Businesswoman & Life magazine has released an interview with me. :D

Check out the newest magazine of Businesswoman & Life, where you can find my interview and a press release dedicated to the charity auction for prof. Zbigniew Religa's Cardiovascular Foundation.

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Moi Drodzy,

Z radością Was informuję, że w najnowszym magazynie Businesswoman & Life został wydrukowany ze mną wywiad. :D

Zapraszam do przeczytania wywiadu ze mną w magazynie oraz notki prasowej z aukcji charytatywnej dla Fundacji Rozwoju Kardiochirurgii im. prof. Zbigniewa Religi.

Link do strony magazynu:

Here's a rough translation via Google translator in English:

BWL: Kama Arts - a restless spirit. This time you

travelled to Australia and New Zealand. Thanks to this trip

new graphics were created for #TwoThumbsWildlife.

Kamila Wojciechowicz-Krauze: That's right, I traveled for a month and a half to

Australia and New Zealand. The graphics were dedicated to the animals, that have suffered during recent Australian fires. I witnessed the smoke rising over Sydney. I am also

constantly up to date with the situation in Australia. As a result of fires more than a billion animals died there, so I decided to donate 50 % of profits from the sale of the latest graphics to help endangered animals. In January I've sent funds to RSPCA, in February donated them to the Two Thumbs foundation Wildlife Trust. It is a koala asylum that has suffered

much because of the disaster.

BWL: You also visited Art Next Expo in Hong Kong? How was it?

KWK: The Art Next Expo was great. It is an international art fair presenting art

creators mainly from Asia, but also from other countries in the world. This year, however, it took place in specific due to the political situation.

There were multiple demonstrations taking place there for several months. I managed to avoid riots and reached the hotel safely on foot the day the demonstrators passed a short distance from the exhibition center, and the metro station was barricaded.

The organizers of the Expo expressed gratitude towards all the international artists for visiting at this difficult time.

BWL: Last year brought you a lot of challenges new adventures, more

awards. Among them it is worth mentioning the Award of Merit from the

3x3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration.

KWK: I am very happy that my illustrations for "The Wind in the Willows" have been recognized by judges from the prestigious Society of Illustrators in New York. Last time my work was printed in their annual catalogue in 2015:

I appeared then as New Talent. Now my work has appeared in the Professional Show category. I believe that this will encourage Polish publishing houses to establish a professional cooperation with me.

BWL: I admit that sometimes it's hard to look away from

your works - they are amazing, mysterious, full of mystery,

multidimensional and ambiguous. Your abstractions can't