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Freedom Project opening reception at the Book Art Museum

Hello, there!

I have just returned from Łódź, where I participated in the Freedom Project: Exhibition and Opening Reception.

The Freedom Project is a response to the series of crisies and ongoing global conflicts humanity is facing today. Students, educators and professional artists were invited to speak up on issues related to human rights, violence, war, agression, social and racial injustice.

The exhibit is in tandem with 30 Years Anniversary of the Polish Book Art Museum in Łódź.

Many thanks and congratulations to the organiser Jadwiga Tryzno and the curators: Ania Gilmore and Malgorzata Oakes. The art show looks incredible! 🤩👏👏

Address: Book Art Museum, Wozownia next to the main building, 24 Tymienieckiego, Łódź.

Jadwiga Tryzno (middle) is the founder of the Book Art Museum. Ania Gilmore (right) was the curator, alongside Malgorzata Oakes, who wasn't present at the ceremony.

And here is the video of my speech at the Freedom Project exhibition, next to me is Ania Gilmore, the curator of this incredible exhibition:


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