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Psychedelic Chameleon Painting

Hello there!

Recently, I started preparing for a 6-metre-long mural commissioned in Warsaw.

Before I start painting the mural, I decided to create a smaller version of the mural in the form of a 2-metre-long painting. It wasn’t an easy process, taking into consideration all the details that had to be painted. I used promarkers and acrylic paints in order to create my painting (those are the tools I use for all my murals). 2019 is the Year of Witkacy, which is why I decided to create a tribute to Witkacy by painting a large, psychedelic chameleon, which is under the influence of peyotl in order to commemorate Witkacy’s drug induced artworks.

This is the initial sketch created for the mural.

This photo depicts the scale of the painting and how I started.

Work in progress.

And the finished painting!

Here’s a photo od me standing in front of the finished canvas. The painting is soo large it took over my entire living room!

I hope you like the painting, I’ll be working on the mural as soon as the scaffolding is complete on Wiejska St, near the Parliament. Let me know what you think of this painting in the comment section :D Have a great day!

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