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It's Wind in the Willows!

Dear Friends, I have some splendid news to share! Beijing Double Spiral Culture & Exchange Company Ltd has allowed me to post photos from my workplace :D This means that from this day I get to share with you my artistic progress, and all the aspects of working on book illustrations for "The Wind in the Willows". It is a challenging and rewarding process, which requires many hours of research, sketching, character design and choosing the right colour palette. Here's a photo of a pile of illustrations I have created (it's only a fraction of what I have already created so far!) Please keep your fingers crossed, so that I finish on time and let me know of your thoughts in the comments ;) Have a great day!

The River frontispiece or Let's Go Boating!

Spring Picnic with Mole and Ratty.

Mr. Toad's New Wagon.

Apple Orchard with Two Bunnies.

Winter Landscape frontispiece.

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