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Small is Great! Show NYC

Dear Friends, I am pleased to announce that I'll be participating in a group show "Small is Great!" at the Jadite Gallery in NYC, Manhattan in December! The opening show starts on December the 8th at 5:00PM and finishes at 7:00PM. The show will last till December the 22nd, so please, feel free to visit the gallery and see some of my miniatures at the show. There will be artworks by many other talented artists, including Neela Pushparaj, Ilona Wojciechowska, Basha Maryanska, Kathryn Hart, Virginia Donovan, Mietko Rudek, Joanna Owidzka, Ania Gilmore, Krystyna Malinowska and many more (all the names are printed on the poster). Have a great evening! :D

This is the link to Jadite Gallery's website, for those interested:

They post a lot of photos on instagram, so I suggest checking their instagram out as well:

There will be pictures posted soon, so stay tuned!

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