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International Artist Residency in Cracow

Dear Friends,

Below you'll find a photo report from the 11th International Artist Residency.

The art reception took place on Friday the 14th of September, at the Leopolis Hotel, Juliusza Lea 253A, Cracow. The participants of the residency were professional artists, with an established history in the world of visual arts. Together, wey worked for two weeks in a friendly and creative environment, exchanged ideas, had presentations, conferences and art symposiums. The residency was from the 3rd till the 17th of September, from at the Leopolis Hotel.

List of participants:

Kathryn Hart (USA)

Jaeok Lee (South Korea/USA)

Basha Maryanska (Poland/USA)

Mervyn Beamish (Australia)

Irina Korotkov (Australia)

Kamila Wojciechowicz (Australia/Poland)

Neela Pushparaj (India/USA)

Joanna Owidzka (Poland)

Ania Gilmore (Poland/USA)

Virginia Donovan (USA)

My drawings created during the residency.


New paintings were created as well.

At the Cricoteca in Cracow.

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