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Elephant Mural Painting

Hello Friends! This is a step-by-step photo report from last weekend's mural painting in Warsaw.

It was a private commission (actually it was a gift for my friend's daughter). She's turning two years old soon, and I thought that perhaps she would appreciate having an elephant in her bedroom once she gets a bit older. Elephants symbolize wisdom, good memory, and are regarded sacred in many religions, especially Hinduism (Ganesha is a Hindu deity with an elephant's head).

Please enjoy!

At first, there was a blank wall. And the weather was stormy, so I had to use artificial light to see anything.

I started working simultaneously on the base colours, and on the details.

I had to work quick, but fortunately, I had a little helper (this is the girl I wrote about previously).

I was so focused on working, I started pulling faces. :D

It took me fifteen hours to create the entire mural.

So, this was the FINAL RESULT.

And those are the details.

The elephant's ear.

Lotus detail.

More flowers, symbolizing purity.

And, of course, my signature.

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