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West 61 Competition

I have decided to compete in the West 61 Competition organized by the Society of Illustrators in Los Angeles. Here is the link to my entry: Please keep your fingers crossed!

Here is what I wrote: This illustration was created for a childrens’ book “The Waiting Room” by British novelist Tim Pears. He commissioned me to create illustrations for his book, and so far we’ve been searching for a publisher who’d be interested in this project. The story revolves around a girl named Ella, and her sick Nanna, who is sent to the hospital. Ella sits in the waiting room and ends up in a dreamlike world full of surreal hospital wards, with name puns such as ‘Peadiatrics’ or ‘Fizziotherapy’. She travels across time and meets her grandmother in different stages of her life.

P.S> Sadly, the author decided to cancel this project therefore the book won't be published. :(

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