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Swiss Art Expo: Photo report

Hello everyone!

Recently I returned from the Swiss Art Expo in Zurich, at the Zurich HB.

I participated in the expo via the ArtBOX Experience and my artwork has been displayed on screen in the lounge. The smallest booth (actually, just a wall) at the Swiss Art Expo cost 2000 CHF, which is a small fortune in Poland when transferred to PLN. Clearly I wasn't going to throw my money in the mud taking such a risk, and instead I decided to ask other exhibitors whether they were satisfied with the art fair.

Many of them complained about standing for hours in front of their stands (no chairs or tables were available next to booths) and a majority did not sell their artworks.

Therefore, I realized that I dodged a bullet refusing to participate in such a costly event as an "official exhibitor". Personally, I hate standing for hours on end, and on each art fair I participated, there were always chairs available for exhibitors.

But the display looked extremely well, and crowds of people arrived at the Art Party on the 27th of August.

Below is a selection of photos taken by me at the expo (or taken of me). I also added some official photos taken by the Swiss Art Expo photographer.


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