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Obrazo-Murale: Photo Report

Hello, Everyone!

I wanted to thank all those, who came last Thursday to the exhibition "OBRAZO-MURALE" on 2 Wiejska St. in Warsaw! It was an amazing show with large murals, an enormous group exhibition in the attic, live painting by street artist Igor Rudziński, also known as NIEBIESKI RYSUJE KRESKI, art installation by street artist Miss Doris and circus performers known as The Brocade Rockets. I'd also like to thank the organizer, Tomasz Podsiadło, owner at Galeria Przechodnia, for organizing the event and creating this amazing opportunity for artists to express themselves in a public space by decorating the walls inside the buildings of 2 Wiejska St.

List of artists, who created the murals: Dorota Sztabińska, Anna Kossakowska, Sylwia Łyczko-Zielony, Patryk Tylec, Waldemar Borowski, Anna Ostrowska Xania, Kamila Wojciechowicz-Krauze.

Photography by: Ola Pietrucka, Patrycja Szymaniak, Anna Kossakowska, Andrzej Kaniewski, Anna Dzilińska, and Kamila Wojciechowicz-Krauze, Dariusz Bałuk and Dominik Kotowski.

Mural by Kamila Wojciechowicz-Krauze.

Mural by Anna Kossakowska.

Paintings by Kamila Wojciechowicz-Krauze and Dorota Sztabińska.

From left to right: Sylwia Łyczko-Zielony, Tomasz Podsiadło and Anna Kossakowska.

Artist Anna Kossakowska and curator and organizer Tomasz Podsiadło.

Mural by Sylwia Łyczko-Zielony.

Mural by Waldemar Borowski.

Triptych known as "Stream of Consciousness" created by several artists during last year's Art Festival in Warsaw. Leading artist: Kamila Wojciechowicz-Krauze. Additional artists: Dorota Sztabińska, Marcin Niewęgłowski, Sylwia Łyczko-Zielony, Waldek Borowski.

Paintings by Igor Rudziński known as Niebieski Robi Kreski.

Mural by Waldemar Borowski.

More photos from the exhibition. Mural by Dorota Sztabińska; Illustrations by Miss Doris, Mural by Waldemar Borowski; Mural by Kama Arts and Paintings by Anna Kossakowska.


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