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New Zealand Project

Dear Friends, I have decided this year to start a New Series of drawings dedicated to New Zealand & Australian fauna. My first drawing represents the tuatara-an ancient species of reptile, do called “living fossil” which has survived for millions of years. The tuatara is born with a third eye at the top of its head, which is later overgrown by layers of skin. The Maori treat the tuatara as a national treasure and believe that the third eye allows it to look into the spirit realm.

My second drawing represents the kea-the one and only Alpine parrot living high in the mountains. Keas are omnivorous opportunists, often called clown parrots due to their behaviour when interacting with mountain hikers and skiers. They will eat anything, from junk food to car parts and even…hiking equipment. They also hunt for sickly lambs and sometimes feast on sheep eyeballs, which made them the scourge of all NZ farmers.

My third drawing represents the kakapo-one of the largest and heaviest parrots to exist. They’re so cumbersome, they can’t fly anymore which is why they were on the brink of exctinction and the only place were one can find them in the wild is Stewart Island. Kakapos are extraordinary birds, often called “owl parrots” due to their appearance and their nocturnal activity.

There will be more illustrations soon :D Wishing you all the best in Year 2020!


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