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New Mannequins

Hello everyone! I wanted to post the newest photos from my photo session. I created a group of three mannequins inspired by Ancient Egyptian history. The male represents pharaoh Amenhotep III, the female mannequins is his wife, Queen Tiye. The child mannequin represents Akhenaten, the first ever pharaoh to introduced a monotheistic religion dedicated to the Sun God, Aten.

I have used Egyptian symbols on each mannequin, such as the scarab, the Ankh cross, the Maat feather, the Eye of Horus and many more.

I have used acrylic paints and acrylic markers in order to paint the mannequins. I also used fake crystals and used a protective layer of varnish on each figure.

Amenhotep III, acrylics and acrylic markers on male mannequin. Height: 190cm. Date: 2021.

Queen Tiye, seen from the front. Technique: acrylics and acrylic markers and clay on female mannequin. Height: 180 cm. Date: 2021.

Akhenaten, as a young boy. TechniqueL acrylics and acrylic markers on child mannequin. Height: 60 cm. Lenghth: 90 cm. Date: 2021.


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