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International Frog's Day and Rhino's Bday

Foto relacja z Miedzynarodowego Dnia Żaby oraz 16 Urodzin Nosorożca Kuby. 🐸🐸🦏🦏

Photo report from International Frogs’ 🐸 Day ! And Kuba, the Indian Rhino’s 🦏 Birthday at the Warsaw Zoo. ❤️💚 Me and two other artists (Tomek Podsiadło and Kamila Czosnyk) have dressed up as frogs and went to the Warsaw Zoo to celebrate Kuba, the Indian rhino's 16th birthday. We sang to him and gave the rhino (symbolically) a diploma. Afterwards we traveled across the city to the Parliament and performed as frogs. All was well, until the policemen came over and asked for our documents. I managed to leave without being stopped by the police, but the two other artists were forced to show their documents. It's sad that innocent projects such as dressing as frogs and performing in front of state buildings is treated with such a lack of tolerance. For more information regarding the flash mob, please check this link:

Me in front of my mural, the "Psychedelic Chameleon".

Kamila Czosnyk and Tomek Podsiadło giving diplomas.

Kuba, the Indian Rhino celebrating his birthday.

From left to right: Tomek Podsiadło, Kamila Wojciechowicz-Krauze, Kamila Czosnyk.


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