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International Artist Residency 2019

Hello everyone!

Here are a few photos from the International Artist Residency, organized by curator and artist, Basha Maryanska, in Warsaw! As part of the residency, there was an exhibition at the Kamienica Artystyczna, Fundacja Atelier on Foksal St.

OPENING RECEPTION: 13th of July (Saturday) from 1-4:00PM Kamienica Artystyczna 11, 11 Foksal St. 2nd Floor

VISITING DAYS: 12-14th of July, 10-4:00PM

From left to right: artists Ania Gilmore, Teresa Starzec, Virginia Donovan, Kamila Wojciechowicz-Krauze, Basha Maryanska, Neela Pushparaj, Kathryn Hart and Joanna Owidzka.

Watercolours and paintings by Neela Pushparaj.

Artist Virginia Donovan and her paintings.

Installation and painting by Basha Maryanska.

Paintings (from left to right): Basha Maryanska and Kamila Wojciechowicz-Krauze.

Artists (from left to right): Kathryn Hart, Joanna Owidzka, Teresa Starzec, Ania Gilmore and Kamila Wojciechowicz-Krauze.

Graphics and illustrations by Kamila Wojciechowicz-Krauze.

Artworks by Kamila Wojciechowicz-Krauze. Jewellery and fashion by Ania Gilmore.


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