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Happy new year 2021!!

Dear All,

This year was an amazing year for me, despite the pandemic :D

I've participated in 12 exhibitions (2 solo shows OUTDOORS, 10 group shows).

I became an official member of the Graphics and Painting Section at ZPAP, moved to a bigger apartment, painted my first pair of trousers, which glow in the dark! had 3 interviews on Youtube, 2 interviews in magazine Businesswoman&Life and newspaper To i Owo.

I finished illustrating the book "The Wind in the Willows" (127 illustrations in 2 years), participated in 3 charity auctions with success, had the biggest amount of private commissions so far and sold many, many artworks this year in Poland and abroad!

This was a very successful year for me, and 2021 is going to be just as good, especially that I have 2 commissions I'm working on at present and in March I'll be working on illustrations for another book ;)

I wanted to thank EVERYONE, who supported me this year and believed in me. I'm trully blessed to be working as a professional artist and I could never imagine myself doing anything else <3

This means the world to me :D :D Happy New Year 2021!!


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