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Happy New Year 2020!

Dear Friends,

I wanted to thank ALL you for this wonderful Year 2019. I can't believe all the things that have happened during this year.

I've had: 2 solo shows, 7 group shows and 8 art fairs, including the Art Next Expo in Hong Kong. I have painted a Psychedelic Chameleon-my biggest mural so far (3x4 metres), painted and sold my biggest painting ever (also Chameleon) I was awarded Merit by the 3x3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration and will be published in their newest catalogue, also I will be published in the Directory of Illustration.

My contract with the Beijing Double Spiral has been extended (I have created 62 illustrations this year). I also participated in 2 charity auctions and had the paintings successfully sold. Not to mention other successful events, such as travelling to 4 countries in one year (Seychelles, China, Australia and New Zealand).

Truly, this was an AMAZING YEAR!


Much love,

Kama Arts

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