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Art Next Expo in Hong Kong

Hello, everyone!

I wanted to publish a photo report from the Art Next Expo in which I have participated. The expo took place 1-4th of November 2019, and it was a huge success! I have met many wonderful and interesting artists, gallery owners, art critics and other fantastic people. I have established new connections and am planning to return in 2 years time.

Despite the political situation in Hong Kong, nothing bad happened to me, everyone I met was exceptionally friendly, and I managed to leave safely for Australia, where I spend two great weeks, before travelling to New Zealand. I wanted to thank the organizers and all the people involved in creating Art Next Expo, for doing a great job promoting our art and creating this opportunity for artists! :D

Art Next Expo Day 1

Swirling graphics create thanks to @swirlingphotographyhk :)

Art Next Expo Day 2

Art Next Expo Day 3

My "War Horse" got sold and my "Fern Blossom" :)

Art Next Expo Day 4

View of the cubicles downstairs. My cubicle was upstairs :)

I have also participated in the video art project by Ringo Tang called “Cheers to Youth”. Here are two photos by this amazing artist. Thank you for this wonderful opportunity of participating! Once the video is ready I will post a link :)

Official poster from the Art Next Expo in Hong Kong. My "Nauki" were used in the poster. :)

Here are a few photos from the city. We would travel everyday to Sheung Wan Station and walk upwards along Aberdeen St and cross Hollywood Rd, until we'd reach PMQ Building.

And here are a few photos of artworks created by other artists at the expo.

Cheongsam Connect Official Stand.

I hope you enjoyed my photo report!

For more information on the expo, please visit the website:


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