New Graphic Finished!

January 8, 2019

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My new graphic has been coloured and finished. The title of the graphic is Utopce. It's based on Slavic mythology. Utopce were the spirits of drowned victims, who would lure & drown other people. This artwork has a completely new approach towards the Slavic Bestiary series, I have added more colours. At first I was afraid to show it to more people, but I decided to publish it anyway. Below you can see the art process.


It started with a few sketches.



Then, I started working on the big drawing.



And eventually, I scanned the drawing and started adding colours in Photoshop.



Those are a few closeups, so that you can see more details.




I hope you like my new graphic, it’s a real breakthrough for me to do this in colours, hopefully this series will continue on developing further. Thank you! :)



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