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Artistic Relaxation at Koperfam

Dear Friends,

Here’s a photo report from the Festival of Art, Design and Wellness: “Artystyczny Relaks”. The festival lasted two days: 22-23 of September, from 2:00-8:00pm. Over 50 artists showcased their works, and over 300 artworks were on display at the Koper Fam company. Apart for artists showcasing works, there were conferences and presentations taking place, each artist had a chance to present oneself. The press was there and the president of Legionowo, Roman Smogorzewski, gave a speech, along with the president of Koper Fam, Barbara Koper. Multiple family run businesses also had an opportunity to present their goods and promote themselves. I’m glad that I had a chance to promote my art once more, and hopefully my paintings will reach a wider audience.

It was fun, too bad it’s over. Thanks to all those who came to visit us!! 😀😍

Below, you’ll find a video from the event, where my paintings have been displayed multiple times and even used as a background for the interview with President of MZASP (Mazowiecki Zwiazek Artystów Sztuk Pięknych) Robert Żbikowski. Hope you like the photos and the video. 😉

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