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Live Painting at the Art Park Festival

Angel wings by Agnieszka Metko, Waldek Borowski and Wiktor Metko.

Last Sunday, 5th of August at 3:00PM, I started a live painting session with other artists at the Art Park Festival, at the Edwarda Rydza Śmigłego Park. I was the leading artist and my idea was to create a work depicting "A Stream of Consciousness" where almost everything is allowed and artists can freely express their emotions and feelings. The event took place for a week, the finissage was on the 11th of August at 6:00PM. Many talented artists participated in the live painting, here is a list of the people, who were painting:

-Waldek Borowski -Diamond Breaker (Czarek Sójka) -Dorota Sztabińska -Agnieszka Metko

-Agnieszka Wołosowicz -Agata Sztyber -Marcin Niewęgłowski -Sylwia Łyczko-Zielony

-Anna Daria Merska -Magdalena Limbach -Andrzej Kaniewski -Artur Pastewka

-Kamila Wojciechowicz (Me) -Tomasz Podsiadło

We had a great time painting together, collaborating and exchanging ideas about art and life in general. Below you'll find a photo report from the event.

The humble beginnings.

The dream team on the first day.

Having fun while painting.

Dragonfly by Dorota Sztabińska.

Meerkats by Sylwia Łyczko-Zielony.

Fish by Marcin Niewęgłowski and astronaut by Waldek Borowski.

Adding the last touches to the painting.

The final effect behind me.

Group photo of all the artists (almost) who participated in the live painting session. It was a hard task, to paint a three metre triptych in less than a week, but we managed to succeed.

I am extremely glad to have taken part in this challenge, and hopefully next year I'll get to lead another spontaneous live painting session. If you're interested in checking out all the artists, who participated in the live painting, you will find their websites under this link:

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