Live Painting at the Art Park Festival

Angel wings by Agnieszka Metko, Waldek Borowski and Wiktor Metko.

Last Sunday, 5th of August at 3:00PM, I started a live painting session with other artists at the Art Park Festival, at the Edwarda Rydza Śmigłego Park. I was the leading artist and my idea was to create a work depicting "A Stream of Consciousness" where almost everything is allowed and artists can freely express their emotions and feelings. The event took place for a week, the finissage was on the 11th of August at 6:00PM. Many talented artists participated in the live painting, here is a list of the people, who were painting:

-Waldek Borowski -Diamond Breaker (Czarek Sójka) -Dorota Sztabińska -Agnieszka Metko

-Agnieszka Wołosowicz -Agata Sztyber -Marcin Niewęgłowski -Sylwia Łyczko-Zielony

-Anna Daria Merska -Magdalena Limbach -Andrzej Kaniewski -Artur Pastewka

-Kamila Wojciechowicz (Me) -Tomasz Podsiadło

We had a great time painting together, collaborating and exchanging ideas about art and life in general. Below you'll find a photo report from the event.

The humble beginnings.

The dream team on the first day.