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New Graphic Ready!

Dear Kama Arts fans,

I have created a new graphic from the "Slavic Bestiary" series. It's been a long time, but I finally felt the need to create something fresh and original. I did a lot of research before actually creating the illustration. The surroundings are based on Richmond Park, one of my favourite places in London. I studied fallow deer and used the structure of their eyes to depict Nauki, the Slavic deer deities.

-NAUKI- "One could admire those beautiful maidens on pastures and in the primeval beech forests of the Carpathians. They grazed deer and roe during moonlight nights, and they danced merrily among the rocks and trees." -The Slavic Bestiary-

The ones I drew have been located in Richmond Park, where one can find many red and fallow deer, during the break of dawn. I wanted to add something personal to this graphic, by choosing this place. I hope you like the graphic, it will soon be available in the form of prints, each signed by me.

At first, I had to draw the composition. I did several projects and chose the best one.

I also used photos I have taken at Richmond Park in 2015.

Fallow Deer in Richmond.

The ancient oak in Richmond. I loved its texture, which is why I decided to draw its tree bark.

Those were the first attempts at creating my graphic.

After finishing the drawing, I had to scan my illustration and start adding colours in Photoshop.

I also had to improve the details and adjust the textures.

It took many hours to create this graphic, but I feel satisfied with the outcome.

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