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Speed Painting at the SDK

Hello, everyone! I wanted to thank all those, who came to yesterday's closing reception of "Chinese Spring". I wanted to thank Mrs. Barbara for her professionalism and support in preparing the show plus speech, the Director of the Służew Community Centre for letting me have this art show and accepting my painting as a gift for the SDK and the Mayor of Ursynów, who gave a wonderful speech on my artworks. Many thanks to Kacper Krauze and Diana Pyrska for recording the entire process of speed painting and Grażyna Wojciechowicz, Sylwia Kasprowicz, Magda Zielińska, Robert Dul, my Grandmother and many others for their support and the photos taken. I had a wonderful audience last night and I hope that I'll have a chance to showcase my works at the SDK next time!

Speed painting is a form of visual art and performance, where the artist has a limited amount of time to create a painting. The painting depicted a Chinese guardian lion. The concept, which originated and became popular in Chinese Buddhism, subsequently spread to other parts of Asia including, Japan, Korea, Tibet, etc.The claws, teeth and eyes of the Chinese lion represent power.

Photos by: Kacper Krauze, Diana Pyrska, Sylwia Kasprowicz

Videos by: Kacper Krauze and Diana Pyrska

Speed Painting: Part 1

Speed Painting: Part 2

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