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Mural Painting in Brooklyn

Last week, April 27-28, Kamila Wojciechowicz, painted a mural of a rhinoceros-her trademark. The work is titled "Amelia Rhinoheart", after Amelia Earhart, the famous pilot, who was the first woman, who flew over the Atlantic in the 1930's. She was known for being a female rights activist and wore an aviator hat.

The mural painting took place at the NY Moore hostel, at 179 Moore St. Brooklyn, Williamsburg.

Inspired by local street art and numerous murals in Williamsburg and Greenpoint, the artist decided to create her own mural, using markers and acrylic paints. The event lasted two days, everyone could watch and talk to the artist during this creative process. The official closing reception will take place after the mural is finished on Saturday at 10-11PM.

Kamila Wojciechowicz lived in Australia, Poland and the UK, and has received an extensive artistic training in Europe, internationally-awarded, educated artistically in Warsaw and London, finalist of the Art Next Expo in Hong Kong 2017.

Her art demonstrates passionate work in different media, such as graphics, collage and painting. All of them create an interesting sense of drama and complement each other. Kamila Wojciechowicz has been showing her works internationally e.g. in Hong Kong, Milan, Warsaw, London, New York.

Below are photos showing the artistic process of mural making.

Photos by: George Brock

First, there was an idea.

Then, the artist started painting the rhinoceros on the wall, applying primary colours.

It took her one and a half days to create the entire mural.

Detail from the "Amelia Rhinoheart" mural.

Adding "special touches" to the mural.

Applying the background paint and retouching patches on the wall.

Final Result! :D

For those interested in seeing the mural, it is located permanently at the NY Moore hostel on 179 Moore St, Brooklyn, NYC in the "Game Room". Please ask at the hostel's reception, and they will give you a tour to all the murals present in this hostel (the venue is a haven for artists and almost every room is decorated with murals.)

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