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kamila wojciechowicz-krauze

about me

Illustrator   |   Designer   |  Painter

“Shakespeare said that art is a mirror held up to nature. This is your nature, and all of these wonderful poetic images of mythology are referring to something in you. When your mind is trapped by the image out there so that you never make the reference to yourself, you have misread the image.”
― Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth.

Looking back, everything started with J. Campbell, one of my favorite philosophers. He inspired me to create illustrations, connected to myths from different parts of the world. Most of my work is deeply rooted in classic European art, especially Bosch, Dürer and Piranesi. I’m passionate about the history of art, ballet, opera and draw inspiration from old graphics and costume designs. I am also influenced by XXth century artists, such as L. Carrington, M. Chagall, J. Wilkoń, and S. Delaunay.

Why do I create art? It would be cliché to say that it is the sole purpose of my life. But in fact, it is one of the most important aspects of my existence, apart for family and friends.

My works differ in size and media. I like to experiment a great deal with various techniques, such as collage, colorful inks and tissue paper. I love linear work, but I'm also passionate about color, and P. Klee, H. Matisse and O. Hajek are my experts in terms of color relations. My main objective in illustration is to achieve a perfect combination of masterful linear work and the simplicity of saturated colors. That is why I use collage in my works and saturated colored inks to add some freshness to the vintage drawings.

The first crucial art project I completed was my Visuals Arts MA project, Setting the Stage. It was a collection of 4 graphics, depicting theatre stages inspired by H. Bosch’s Garden of Earthly Delights, operas such as Don Giovanni, The Rake’s Progress and Faust. Another important art project I completed was The Bestiary-4 graphics depicting creatures described by Borges in his Book on Imaginary Beings and the Slavic Bestiary: 8 graphics depicting characters from well known tales & forgotten folklore, popular in Central & Eastern Europe.


I have received multiple awards and merits for my illustrations and have sold my art pieces to collectors worldwide, including Australia, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Spain, France, USA, China, South Korea and the United Kingdom.


Job description

Kama Arts  |  2012-Present |   Freelance Illustrator 

Wind in the Willows   |   Childrens' Book   |   2018-2020  |  Book  Illustrator 

Kocie Sprawy   |   Magazine   |   2007-2014  |   Illustrator & Volunteer

The Two Brothers  |  Collaboration   |   2014-2016  |  Illustrator

Adventures of Anatol F. |  Novel   |   2009  | Book Illustrator

Selected Exhibitions


Seoul Illustration Fair |  COEX Exhibition & Conference Centre  |   2022  |  Seoul

Art Box Project  |   Casa del Arte  |   2022  |   La Palma


Exposition d'Art  Polonais   |   GOYPA  |   2022  |   Paris

Art Box Project at Swiss Art Expo   |   Zurich HB   |   2022  |   Zurich

Art Nordic   |   Lokomotive Museum   |   2022  |   Copenhagen


NO FILTER DXB   |   Dubai Harbour   |   2021  |   Dubai

Art Next Expo   |   PMQ Building   |   2019  |   Hong Kong


Bye Bye Epidemic   |   Metamorfozy   |   2021  |   Warsaw

Sztuka w czasie Pandemii   |   OWZPAP   |   2020  |   Warsaw

7th Intl. Artist Residency |   Scenic Hudson River Center   |   2019  |   Beacon NY

Small is Great!  |   Jadite Gallery   |   2018  |   NYC

3rd Intl. Artist Residency  |   Hotel Leopolis   |   2018  |   Cracow

Tribute to Old Masters  |   Polish Institute of Arts & Sciences   |   2018  |   NYC

Art Next Expo   |   PMQ Building   |   2017  |   Hong Kong

When Women Dream   |   Riverwinds Gallery   |   2017  |   Beacon NY

Metamorphosis   |   SD Galeria Szucha 8   |   2017  |   Warsaw




2nd Intl. Artists Residency   |   Scenic Hudson River Center   |   2017  |  Beacon NY

8th Art Fresh Festival   |   Sheraton Hotel   |   2017  |  Warsaw

Autumn in the Hudson Valley  |   Orange County College   |   2016  |   Middletown

Intl. Artists Residency   |   Scenic Hudson River Center   |   2016  |  Beacon NY

Kama Arts Show   |  Fochy & Fanaberie Gallery  |   2016  |   Warsaw

Biennial of Miniatures  |  Gaude Mater Institute  |   2016  |  Częstochowa

Sun and Soil   |  Museum of Linen  |   2016  |   Żyrardów

Fantasmagorie   |  Parę Osób Gallery  |   2015  |   Warsaw

Open Art Milano  |  Art Passage Gallery  |   2015  |   Milan

MA Exhibition   |  Camberwell College of Arts  |   2015  |   London

The Bestiary   |  Chelsea College of Arts  |   2015  |   London


Shacklewell Arts Fair   |  The Shacklewell   |   2014  |   London

Pommegranate Exhibition   |  Brixton Gallery  |   2014  |   London


1st Prize   |  7th Concorso Buenos Aires  |   2015  |   Milan


2nd Prize   |  Generation of Young Artists   |   2016  |   Warsaw

3x Merit   |  3x3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration  |   2015, 2019, 2020  |  NYC

2 x H Mentions |  3x3 Magazine of Contemporary Illustration  |   2016  |  NYC

Merit |  Luxembourg Art Prize   |   2021  |   Luxembourg

education & courses

Camberwell College of Arts  |   MA Illustration   |   Janet Woolley

Academy of Fine Arts Warsaw  |  BA Graphics   |   prof. Piotr Smolnicki

Fabrica delle Favole   |   Illustration Summer Course   |   Chiara Carrer

Special Skills

Photo modelling, costume design skills, make-up artist skills, photography skills, visual design, painting.

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