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Happy New Year!

Hello Friends! Many thanks to all those, who have been supporting my art over the years. This year was very special for me, due to many reasons. I have reached a new level in my life, where I can live off my art, which is FANTASTIC! Also, I started an amazing project, illustrating a children's book. There's still a lot to do, but I'm glad that I was the one chosen for this project :) :) Christmas is over, but the year 2019 is approaching soon. I wanted to wish you all a Happy and Prosperous New Year 2019, lots of joy and may your wishes come true! 😁😁🍾🎀 Photo in the centre has been taken by Agnieszka and Wiktor Metko. Angel wings by Agnieszka Metko, Wiktor Metko and Waldek Borowski.

Christmas Art Fair

Here are some of the artworks you'll be able to see at the Christmas Art Fair on December 22-23rd (Saturday and Sunday). Feel free to come! Marszałkowska St. 126/134, from 2-7:00 PM. 22-23 grudnia (Sobota-Niedziela) zapraszam na Jarmark Świąteczny w Centrum Marszałkowska, nowym budynku SEZAMu, gdzie będzie można obejrzeć prace wielu artystów ( w tym również moje) oraz ewentualnie coś nabyć jako prezent świąteczny ;) Adres: Ul. Marsząłkowska 126/134 Pasaż Handlowy na Poziomie -1, od 14-19:00. Jeszcze raz serdecznie zapraszam! :D

Success at the Art Fair Again!

Many thanks to all those who came today to the art fair at the Kubicki Arcades😀❤️😃 It was an enjoyable and successful day, thank you for your support and have a lovely evening ❤️ Here's an overview of the art space I had yesterday. My hubby wearing a T-shirt with the Fire Horse graphic. Untitled Composition, 90x80cm, acrylics, oil and mixed media on canvas, 2018. Chinese Spring, 100x70cm, acrylics on canvas, 2018. The Wave, 51x27cm, acrylics and mixed media on canvas, 2017.

Small is Great! show

Dear All, Yesterday the exhibition "Small is Great" had its opening at 6:00PM at the Jadite Gallery in New York. Below you'll find some photos from this group exhibition, where my works have also been displayed :) Many thanks to Basha Maryanska for curating this wonderful show at Jadite Gallery! It looks fantastic ❤❤😁👍 The exhibition is opened till December 22nd at 660 10th Avenue, NYC, US. The photos have been taken by Basha Maryanska and Virginia Donovan. On this photo one can see my illustrations below Neela Pushparaj's butterfly paintings.

Businesswoman & Life Gala

Yesterday I had the pleasure of being invited to the charity ball organized by magazine Businesswoman & Life, where my painting was auctioned. The money for the painting have been donated Many thanks to Elżbieta Olimpia Jeznach, the main editor of the magazine Businesswoman&Life for inviting me to this wonderful event and many thanks to my husband for joining me last evening. <3 Below you'll find some photos from last night's gala at the Belotto Hotel. My painting "Chinese Rainbow Mountains" has been auctioned for charitable causes.

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